GENMED Managed Services GENMED Managed Services GENMED Managed Services

We provide Managed Service Contracts that underpin the clinical service to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

Procurement Personnel

GENMED can offer procurement more control with less.

Financial Executives

GENMED provide finance departments with cost savings.

Health Professionals

GENMED MSCs give health staff ease of integration.

Industry Suppliers

GENMED can offer suppliers long term business protection.

Efficiencies Ensure Benefits

With GENMED's Managed Service Contracts your Trust can realise a range of benefits achieved through greater efficiencies.

Our Track Record

GENMED has an exemplary track record for creating efficiencies and reducing costs through the implementation of our MSCs.

A True Win Win Win!

Through a GENMED MSC all stakeholders realise the benefits ensuring that the clinical service is continuously developed.


GENMED is a vendor-neutral managed services provider involved in the integration of healthcare suppliers for services to hospitals and public healthcare institutions. We help generate operational and financial cost reductions whilst reducing administration and transaction costs. In doing so we create cash releasing structures, through tax efficient managed service contracts.

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What Our Clients Said?

Genmed facilitated the basis for the benefits of this technology by structuring the Managed Service Contract in such as manner as to release real cash savings. This allowed us to reduce the blood budget and divert this cash for use in other parts of the hospitals services.
Simon Wombwell, Deputy Finance Director,
John Radcliffe Hospital

Efficiency & Effectiveness

GENMED's Managed Service Contracts offer NHS Trusts and other public bodies a range of extensive benefits that increase departmental efficiency resulting in greater effectiveness in the provision of health care. If you would like to explore the advantages of a GENMED MSC and how it will help your department or hospital please get in touch using the details opposite.

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