Significant benefits to a personalised GENMED MSC

Benefits of working with GENMED

There are many significant benefits to a personalised GENMED MSC...


Financial Resources:

GENMED has access to substantial financial resources required for providing small to large scale capital equipment. We have provided proof in a letter for a ‘£30 million or a required’ funding line in our PQQ response from Societé Generale bank for a prior NHS tender.

Scalability and Price Control by the Trust:

Ease of scalability of the GENMED contract means the Trust can manage future demand and uncertainty easily and at known cost. As the Trust has open access to cost data from all suppliers and therefore freedom to manage costs and secure long term price stability.

Choice without Compromise:

Should a Trust select a ‘Single Brand’ MES bidder because some of its equipment range is desirable, the Trust may find it is simultaneously obliged to select sub-optimal or undesirable product, pricing or technology as part of the offer. This limits the Trust choice.

GENMED's approach enables the Trust to ‘cherry pick’ from all suppliers in the market place now and in the future. All suppliers are open to provide equipment through GENMED at any time if this is desirable to a Trust.


Market Credibility:

Suppliers will work with us because we do not reduce their margins by levying fees or hidden discounts upon them and permit them unencumbered access to ‘sell’ to the Trust throughout the contract duration. This ensures the Trust is always in relationship with the market and therefore aware of new developments and competitive market pricing.


Control of Costs:

The GENMED approach actively allows the Trust to minimise the cost of deliverables (the biggest cost within a managed service), not just at the time of award, but through the contract. No single supplier can therefore limit the Trust’s access to best pricing.

No Price Distortion:

GENMED does not levy a fee on the suppliers involved through hidden discounts on deliverables. Since there is no price distortion, the Trust sees the true market price offered per test direct from the supplier.

Future novel technological innovations:

The open access GENMED model means that new technologies from any supplier, as yet unconsidered, remain available to the Trust throughout the contract.