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Endoscopy Services

We have been providing Managed Service Contracts for flexible endoscopy services since 1998 and are the most experienced vendor-neutral supplier in the UK!

We work closely with top suppliers including Pentax UK Ltd, Fujinon and Olympus Keymed and can offer a diverse selection of Endoscopy products to cover a multitude of endoscopy services & procedures. These include, but are not limited to; flexible endoscopes, GI-scopes, enteroscopes, GI bronchial scopes, small diameter scopes, bronchoscopy scopes, laryngoscopes, nasopharyngoscope, upper and lower  gastrointestinal endoscopes, LAP cholescope and endoscope reprocessors.

In addition we can also supply healthcare infrastructure equipment related products and instruments such as; valves, biopsy caps, cleaning brushing, cleaning fluids, filters, tubing, grasping forceps, injection needles, catheters, stents, endoscopic ultrasound and decontamination machines. 

Endoscopy Testimonial

Endoscopy Case Study 

We’ve recently worked with a Trust on an initial five year Entry Level Endoscopy Contract, which saw them purchase 14 separate endoscopy products (66 individual pieces in total) and with a total cost of over £1,500,000.

By using an HMRC approved MSC from GENMED, the trust was able to take advantage of our Vendor-neutral approach and access the supplier they wanted to use, allowing GENMED to confidently acquire the correct equipment and in a time frame that suited the trust.


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Washing Reprocessors

The GENMED team has over 50 years of experience in dealing with equipment and service suppliers and have a wide and deep range of skills including monitoring risk and control of suppliers via KPIs/ SLAs.

GENMED will also arrange formal review meetings with suppliers present as required (a maximum of four times per annum), and can similarly purchase customers’ existing equipment if necessary, formulate replacement and refresh of equipment to coincide with end of life replacement program.

In addition GENMED can incorporate legitimate compliant consumables, where needed into their contracts, which will increase your envelope for VAT recovery.

Flexible Endoscopes

These include, but are not limited to;

Flexible endoscopes, GI-scopes, Enteroscopes, GI bronchial scopes, small diameter scopes, Bronchoscopy scopes, Laryngoscopes, Nasopharyngoscope, Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopes, LAP Chole Scope and Endoscope Reprocessors Filters, Tubing, Grasping Forceps, Injection Needles, Catheters, Stents, Endoscopic Ultrasound and De-Contamination Machines. 

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Flexible Endoscopes

Rigid Endoscopes

We can also provide a variety of rigid endoscopes and work closely with some of the leading rigid endoscope suppliers such as Stryker & Karl Storz. These are incorporated using the same contract structures as used for flexible endoscopes.

GENMED contracts also legitimately incorporate the related accessories and consumables in to a robust solution to provide a quick win for our customers.