Full Surgical Facilities Contract

GENMED's Surgery MSC model is a 'Full Surgical Facilities Contract' (FSC) incorporating all surgical disciplines, theatres, wards, laundry, cleaning and facilities management.

GENMED is currently implementing a £74 million FSC of over £10.5m a year for 7 years. This is an exciting time for GENMED'S newest MSC model!

Further FSC improvements are;

1. Less downtime of equipment - confidence to more schedule operations 

2. Efficient use of inventory; More stock turns less stock, smaller storage areas 

3. Quality of Information and knowledge of inventory. Reduction time spent by senior nurse managing inventory, locating stock, ordering and restocking activity as this can be automated. 

4. Increased security of restricted items or controlled substances, expensive items, reduced unexpected stock shrinkage & products that require careful audit trail, such as prosthesis in case of recall.

5. Improved cash flow and budgeting, sharp reduction in expired stock wastage

6. Efficient supply of goods- better usage of stock across Trust leading to possible standardisation of items across all trusts.

7. Cost savings by efficiencies, reduced administration and reduced transaction processing.

8. Management can ‘pull’ any data reports they wish & receive regular reports in an automated manner. 

Genmed do not influence the surgical staff in their working practices and product usage. Staff should not see any significant differences in their current working practices, but have the benefit of the FSC service to re-engineer processes within the department.

This is underpinned by knowing that refresh of technology, through the cash releasing generated and the replacing of aging equipment, can easily be carried out in a planned manner. Genmed does not encumber contact with suppliers and so continuity of supplier relationships assists the smooth running of the department.

This means the department will potentially never fall behind the technology or equipment quality curve. As the contract evolves and the KPI’S are established there could be positive changes with opportunities for materials management and economies of scale with other surgical contracts, as they are established with other Genmed NHS customers which could bring better aggregate pricing opportunities.