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Information Management & Technology

At GENMED we strive to provide the best customer experience with our managed services. We live in a constantly changing technology environment, therefore it is imperative to stay current.

GENMED offers single and multi-vendor IT solutions including Data Management Systems (including multi-function devices, digitisation & storage and IT controlled lighting solutions), Desktop and Mobile Services, Electronic Blood Track Systems, LIMS Technology and Infrastructure Services.

With the demands on Information Technology managed services growing, we ensure a consistent and high quality service, deploying a reliable IT infrastructure to support your aims. Being vendor neutral allows us to 'mix and match' best in class solutions to offer the best IT performance with built in key performance indicators and as required timetabled refresh.

Data Management System

Data Management Systems

GENMED can supply Data Management Systems, an efficient way to organise all your data in a secure and user friendly system, while minimising the risk of document loss.

One of the benefits of this can be seen by looking at the amount and variation of printers and multifunction devices (MFD's) each Trust has per department. Each separate department may be responsible for their own printers, each printer may be made by a different manufacturer and they may be under separate maintenance covers.

As a result there’s no standardisation of printers or MFD's and data is not equivalently protected. GENMED can supply a data management system that can consolidate the number of printers and MFD's that departments need and provide system security across all devices and other key IT areas.

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IT Control System for Lighting

The IT control system in conjunction with replacement of current lighting with LED sources, provides the opportunity for a Trust to generate significant energy savings.  GENMED can provide this through a fully funded design, installation, support and maintenance of a new energy efficient IT Control System with LED sources across the estate, that are compliant with the latest lighting guidelines and reduce your carbon footprint.

The benefits are headlined below:

  • Provides Trust's security through a fixed cost fully maintained managed service
  • Risk is transferred to GENMED
  • Repairs ageing lighting systems and replaces wiring that is failing
  • Brings the Trust back into code and regulation
  • Lowers the Trust’s revenue expenditure releasing significant cash flows
  • Frees up the Trust‘s limited capital budget
  • The Trust costs are linked to paying periodic revenue costs
  • Mitigates IFRS issues and impact on CRL
  • Reduces the Trust’s carbon footprint
  • Assists significantly in meeting NHS mandatory carbon targets
  • Provides environmental benefits
  • Provides a means to meet Trust’s objectives and targets
  • Radically improves the quality of lighting throughout the estate
  • Improves the staff and patient experience greatly through better lighting levels

Desktop & Mobile Services

We can supply Desktop and Mobile services which include PCs, Laptops, VDU, Tablets, PDAs, Printers and Software services.

Within our specialist software services we can also supply  documentation digitisation programs, inventory control systems and unified communication systems (including Nuance’s Dragonspeaking software- the world’s best-selling speech recognition software).

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Desktop & Mobile Services

Electronic Blood Track Systems

Electronic Blood Track Systems is a real-time electronic system that allows Trusts to track the movement of patients’ blood.

This is a system specifically designed to replace the older paper-based version, within an easy to use and secure system. It will accurately store and track blood movement, collating all information in one place and alerting staff when patients’ blood movement needs to be checked, with secure issuing of units, improving overall patient safety and drastically reducing wastage.

LIMS Technology

LIMS Technology

GENMED IT managed services for Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), ensure tough KPI's and uptimes to ensure this critical service is always delivering.

GENMED has provided Clinisys LIMS who are the UK’s leading Laboratory Information Management System. This specialist software allows you to access critical systems in a fraction of a second and with performance guarantees.

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Infrastructure Services

GENMED can supply a range of Infrastructure services which include; IT Storage for slide scanning, digital microscopes, Histopath documentation, Virtualization VTRs and ICTR estate management.

GENMED can also provide customers with all the hardware (servers and networks) accompanied with any specialist software needed for the management of their IT infrastructure.