More about a Genmed MSC

david bailey

All GENMED managed service contracts (MSCs), are designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency and effectiveness within Trusts. This successfully improves operations across the Trust as a whole not just a specific requirement, department or discipline through transparent, scalable, tax efficient contracts that transfer risk.

GENMED's managed service structures are designed to be highly flexible and give full range of suppliers to the Trust. By allowing Trusts to be in control of the configuration of managed service provision, results in huge scope for process gains by securing the best in class, and therefore permitting Trusts to manage future demand uncertainty. Structures from small to the very large permit Trusts to scale services from a small initial provision and through the choice that GENMED facilitates and the multi-vendor supply, build up far larger, more flexible and more varied managed services than might be possible with a single source manufacturer led contract.

Trusts can also gain VAT benefit and administrative cost reductions, even for existing legacy suppliers that are already installed. GENMED the managed services provider company is not a manufacturer. We are the prime contractor and in conjunction with supplier(s), provide additional choice for the provision of any scale of multi-vendor supply the Trust may wish us to provide and select.