Our Process

Our focus is to understand what you need. What your objectives are. What the challenges are facing your department for your service in the near, medium and long term future.

GENMED works closely with the department, procurement and finance to examine how the managed service will address the department’s challenges, while addressing and benefiting the wider Trust organisational requirements. A timeline will then be drawn up. This can also include options to bring legacy equipment into the managed service contract.

GENMED Managed Services mean you are not restricted and have choice of suppliers. Future plans for refresh are not set in stone, meaning that GENMED Managed Services are highly adaptable to future demand and uncertainty. With GENMED you Chance not Chance.

Process 1 - Understanding your Vision

Understanding Your Vision

Our in-house expertise will guide you through the  solutions process, firstly understanding what your most urgent, current and future needs and identifying the most effective Managed Services model to quickly meet your requirements and yield results rapidly.  

Process 2 - Internal Auditing

Internal Auditing

GENMED carry out an internal audit to evaluate workload, work-flow and refresh requirements. Analysis is collated into a report to demonstrate  a range of options, value added, financial benefits and HMRC and accounting compliance of  a GENMED Managed Service solution  in preference to conventional options. 

Process 3 - Establish a Roadmap

Establish a Roadmap

The next step is to establish a roadmap incorporating the most efficient and cost-effective procurement process for your Trust. This can be achieved via a formal tender process or through one of our frameworks (see home page for more information on our frameworks).

The roadmap can also include running mini-competitions, where all options are offered, subject to suitability, budgetary constraints and meeting specifications. 

Process 4 - Action Implementation

Action Implementation

This is where it's all systems go! All the documentation surrounding equipment, suppliers and pricing has been agreed and the procurement process is in it's final stages. The equipment is being installed in your department and your staff are being trained by industry experts. 

Process 5 - Ongoing Partnership

On-going Partnership

Once this process is complete we keep in regular contact. GENMED can supply all your equipment and consumable needs, with access to over 500 industry recognised suppliers. 

Recommendations can be provided based on our experience of the supplier from previous and current contracts on reliability, quality and price ability to provide spend and service data.  

Our key focus is to continue to ' Understand Your Vision' and develop further managed services delivering additional and continuing value. In doing so building a virtuous circle and to gain the position as your trusted partner.