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Your total clinical pathology managed service can now be managed by one single supplier, allowing you to focus on the patient care aspects of your job.

At GENMED, our team of skilled personnel are committed to delivering a quality service. Effective, reliable and professional, our managed services team provide operational excellence - giving you every reason to put your confidence in us.

We use our procurement and benchmarking expertise, together with cutting edge IT and management tools to improve your service, whilst managing your constant requirement to make budget savings. At GENMED, we provide the ability to manage more with less, improve efficiency levels and give you the tools you need to run your Pathology service now and into the future. We are committed to providing you with the means to provide a leading pathology service that is second to none.

Lab Services

Laboratory Services

GENMED provides bespoke Laboratory Managed Service from a single supplier in a single discipline through to a full PanPath contract.

This includes Automation systems , full support, SLA's and KPI's and related consumables- specialist and general- including blood tubes, glassware and plastics. GENMED's approach to laboratory services allows the Trust to implement LEAN processes, meet UKAS requirements and easily integrate multiple suppliers to achieve reductions in activity based costs, whilst still retaining full control of choice and market price, before and during the contract term.

The Trust has no limitations and complete control of all decisions within the laboratory and if something does go wrong, the department has the peace of mind that GENMED's account manager does not work for the manufacturer, they work for the Trust's interests.

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