POC Case Study

A Trust selected GENMED to run a mini-competition between suppliers for blood gas machines and blood glucose meters to provide the trust with the best solution for its needs.

The contract needed to be for 5 years and has a total value of £300,000 per annum.

This started with a demo day to enable suppliers to present to the Trust and provide test kit so that the Trust could evaluate each. Quality and price were assessed to suit both the Trusts requirements and preferences and ultimately Roche were selected to provide 10 blood gas analysers and 150 glucose meters along with a data management system to the Trust.

The contract initially had a value of £140,000 per annum but since, has expanded. The Trust began to explore the further benefits a true managed service such to increase efficiencies, maintain choice and increase VAT savings. The point of care service GENMED now provide to the Trust includes coagulation (including the coagulation into the community, roughly 20 GP sites) and fetal fibronectin. The Trust are still looking at ways to grow the service we provide, we are currently exploring options for the addition of HBA1C and urinalysis.

GENMED are currently halfway through the contract and have successfully saved the Trust money and are continuing to efficiently implement the contract.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust