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GENMED provide vendor neutral managed services for surgery, ranging from single or small number of suppliers in our entry level managed service contracts such as power tools or endoscopy, up to very large scale multi-vendor full surgical facility contracts covering all aspects of the Theatre Directorate operations.

GENMED’s vendor neutrality allows us to mix and match suppliers to meet your services needs, whilst still providing you with a single point of contact for all your Surgery needs.

We use our procurement and benchmarking expertise, together with cutting edge IT and management tools to improve your service, whilst managing your constant requirement to make budget savings. The surgery department is a wide field, and therefore we have a highly experienced personnel who understand your needs and by removing the necessary but non-clinical activities, free up your staff to return to their roles in delivering patient centred care.

Entry Level

Entry Level Contracts are predominantly but not limited to Endoscopy and Orthopaedics, they offer customers a more selective option whether they’re looking to purchase flexible or rigid endoscopes, Orthopaedic power tools, blades or other consumables for power tools. These Contracts offer partial VAT recovery and would be recommended to a new GENMED Surgery customer.

GENMED recently implemented an Entry Level MSC for a Trust who were looking to purchase replacement Power Tools. GENMED ran a mini-competition for the Trust to help find the perfect supplier, were able to supply everything the Trust required and made an upfront saving of over £30,000 for the Trust.

Similarly another Trust wanted to purchase replacement flexible endoscopes for their Endoscopy department using our Entry Level MSC. GENMED ran another mini-competition this time resulting in an upfront saving of £30,000 to the Trust, VAT Savings of £1.6 million and over £1 million worth of equipment.

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Entry Level

Full Surgical Facilities Contract

GENMED's Surgery MSC model is a 'Full Surgical Facilities Contract' (FSC) incorporating all surgical disciplines, theatres, wards, laundry, cleaning and facilities management.

GENMED is implemented £74 million FSC of over £10.5m a year for 7 years (Please see our "Latest news" article regarding SWLEOC for further details).

GENMED is currently implementing a new £140 million FSC of over £20million a year for 7 years. This is an exciting time for GENMED'S newest MSC model

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